Space Racers

Get ready to soar with the Space Racers!…as Eagle, Robyn, Hawk and the rest of the Stardust Space Academy cadets soar through the stratosphere with a staggering burst of power and speed, breaking free of Earth’s orbit and screaming into space toward the exciting missions that lie ahead. Come along on their extraordinary adventures in the exciting world of Stardust Bay, a familiar yet fantastic place populated by all sorts of talking spaceships.

Produced in collaboration with NASA experts

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90​ x 11 minutes,
CG animation
– Season 1 50 x 11 minutes
-​ ​Season 2 40 x 11 minutes

Kids 3-6 years old

Production Year:

Space Racer LLC

Creator/Executive Producer: Richard Schweiger
Executive Producer: Brenda Wooding
Head Writer/Co-Producer: Allen Neuwirth
Director: Mark Risley

Broadcasters & Partners:
Sprout, TVO, France TV, Netflix

Parents Choice Award 2015

Languages Available:
English, French, Neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Territories Available:
US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Pan-regional Latin America