Oswaldo was found at the beach when he was a tiny little face-melting adorable baby penguin. Adapted and raised by human parents, now he must face his biggest challenge—surviving school. Which is way harder then it sounds, especially when you are an excitable, flat-out weird little guy whose brain is infused with useless pop-culture. And sometimes the simplest problems have the most bizarre outcomes. So it’s no wonder Oswaldo is not exactly the most popular kid around. Thankfully, this weirdest of penguins can count on Tobias and Leia as the perfect side-kicks. They are the kind of friends who are there no matter what life throws at him – strict art teachers, rabid packs of babies, role-playing games gone awry, and even occasional rogue science fair projects. Which is pretty much what Oswaldo would call a normal day.

To screen episodes in English or preview episodes in English or Portuguese please contact Brenda at brenda@kidglove.tv

26 x 11 minutes, animated comedy

Kids 6-11 years old

Production Status:
In production, delivery 2017

Birdo, São Paulo Brazil

Creator: Pedro Eboli

Languages Available:
English, Neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Territories Available: