WagonPals from Kid Glove on Vimeo.

Wagon Pals

A “maker” influenced CG animated series for preschoolers

Meet Birdy, Peeg and Frag and their faithful wagons as they create and build their way through the day, making Wagon City a better place to live.  Full of ideas to make their playtime even more fun,  Birdy, Peeg and Fraag are on a roll. Together, they put their game plans into action. Whether it’s throwing a surprise party for their best friend, organizing the annual Outdoor Funfest and Pizza Party in the city park, or helping to rebuild a fence around the city’s historical fountain, the WagonPals use their maker talents to bring it all together. But they can’t do it alone. Their wagons are always on the ready with the perfect tools and gadgets to complete the tasks.  And wow, these wagons are amazing! Some go underwater, some go across rough terrain, and some fly in the air.  There are even wagons with white boards for designing, pop-up stages for performing, and some with science labs and traveling playgrounds. Pretty much anything the Pals need, these wagons have!  

52 x 11 minutes, CG animation

Kids 3-6 years old

Nickster, Inc

Production Status:
In Development with

Created by: Steve Cozzolino
Executive Producer: Brenda Wooding
Writer: Kevin Strader
Animatic/Animation test: Chris Waters/Oktobor Animation
Animation test: Xentrix
Designed by: Diempal Productions