When Terry, Lara and their extended Viking family set out on their usual Northern route to conquer and pillage, their ship steers wildly off course and they find themselves completely lost, traveling South…then a little East…and a little further East… until they land on mainland China. “This must be California! We must invade this new land!” exclaims Erik the Big, the fearless, yet not so sharp Viking leader and loveable father. Erik uses this opportunity to gain riches for the family and train Terry to become a great warrior like himself. But, as a typical teenager, Terry has little to no interest and often slacks off in his responsibilities. Daughter Lara, on the other hand, is dying to fill this role, but runs up against her old-school minded father, who believes that girls are not allowed on Viking Adventures. “Lara, go help your mother. We have manly Viking things to do!” Determined to fulfill her dreams, Lara disguises herself as Lars from the other village, and proves her prowess again and again. Only problem is that the invasion plans never work. The Vikings are no match for the Chinese, who treat them more like a mild nuisance, rather than a major military force to be reckonded with. But this does not stop the Vikings from endlessly trying! Please note that all historical accuracies have been waived in order to create this show.    

26 x 11 minutes, animated comedy

Kids 6-11 years old

Kid Glove

Creative Development Consultant:
Heather Kenyon

Production Status:
In Development

Creators: Ministry of Animation, Belgium
Executive Producer: Brenda Wooding
Writers: David Freedman, Giles Self, Keiron New